Terms and Conditions

Scriptly Rx is Not Insurance

Scriptly Rx provides discount coupons at participating pharmacies. It is not an insurance policy.

What fees do I pay to use Scriptly Rx?

There is no membership or enrollment fee to use Scriptly Rx. You can compare medication prices, at various pharmacies, using our website and mobile apps, for no charge. We also provide discount coupons you can use to get discounted prices at the pharmacies we show. Some coupons include a transaction fee to Scriptly Rx, which is already included in the price we show, which is the price you get at the time of purchase. We keep transaction fees low, to help you get the lowest prices possible. Our fees range from a penny to three dollars, depending on the medication, pharmacy and coupon used. Some medications have no transaction fee included. We never require pre-payment, nor enrollment, to use our service. The only fees we collect are those included in the price of the medication we display, which you pay at the pharmacy. Our goal is to help you get the lowest price possible, so you can better afford your medications.

No Enrollment

Scriptly Rx is not a membership program. There is no enrollment or registration required.

Your Personal Information

Scriptly Rx does not collect nor sell any personal information or drug usage data to anyone. Your purchases are between you and the pharmacy. Because we do not enroll you in a plan, you will not get mailings from us. Any information you need can be found on our website.


If you need to return a prescription, that must be done in accordance with the pharmacy’s refund process and policies. Any fees that the pharmacy collected for Scriptly Rx will be included in your refund. We do not charge any fees for processing refunds as it is a matter between you and the pharmacy.

Expiration dates

There is no expiration to the coupons or discount cards we offer; however, prices periodically change so the price of the medication is always subject to the price the pharmacy dictates at time of service.

Complaint Procedures:

All of us at Scriptly Rx want you to be completely satisfied and will do everything in our power to help with any issues or concerns you may have. We are readily available to assist you. We can be reached via phone or email and will respond within 72 hours.

Phone Support: 713-817-3312

Email Support: [email protected]

If after contacting Scriptly Rx, you remain dissatisfied, you may contact your state’s insurance department to report the complaint. A list of commissioners in your state can be found here: